AMS4000 Operations

AMS4000 Operations
8 July 2015 ARENZ
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To all those using the AMS4000 negative air pressure unit during asbestos removal please ensure you check the following before and after operations.

Both motors are to be running. control of motor speed to find the correct extraction should be done using the speed control.

Do not plug both power leads into one multi board. Each motor functions at 7amps. Doing so will trip the wall socket/RCD or machine.

Change to pre filters regularly. You will extend the life of you main filter and ensure you are always at the correct negative pressure.

Check the brakes are off when moving the units on the ground.

Finally treat the units with care. the motors are rubber mounted so heavy knocks can put these out of alignment.



Do you ever wander how some asbestos companies always seem to have thirty years experience, not twenty or fifteen or six? Why is it these companies seem to have 30 years experience? It raises a red flag to me Thats 30 years of bad habits which may be hard to remove. Or as one company states, they have 30 years experience yet that experienced person is deceased due to Respiratory illness caused by asbestos.