ARE(NZ)Ltd Sales Teams

ARE(NZ)Ltd Sales Teams
27 October 2015 ARENZ
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Double lined Hazardous Waste Bags

Did you know that if you come in to buy equipment from us we will also assist you in any questions you may have about site set ups, equipment fit for purpose, How to and what documentation is required and what the current status of guidance and regulations are at.

We are not just retailers of equipment. I started out with my partner as asbestos removalists working on our own. I followed up to date guidance from the U.K, Australia and New Zealand Laws. Having a background in law made it easy for me to ensure that we complied with current and changing legislation.

I am proud to say we have assisted a number of companies in New Zealand not only set themselves up as competent asbestos removal contractors but also supplied them with documentation to ensure the complied with principal company safety requirements. We continue to do this today.

If you purchase products from us we don’t just forget you an move on. We are a free phone call away to discuss any issues we may be able to assist you with.

  • We are the largest supplier of asbestos removal equipment throughout New Zealand.
  • We offer training and consultation from site set ups, equipment certifying and training, Face fit testing, International BOHS training for Surveyors and Managers or Asbestos awareness training for other contractors.
  • We have qualified adult trainers with extensive training in the military including a queens decoration for training services.
  • We have training facilities in Auckland, Levin and Christchurch. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you.

What makes us different from anyone else?

  1. We are a one stop shop for everything asbestos.
  2. We have extensive experience in all facets of asbestos.
  3. We are located around the country.
  4. We offer international training qualifications.
  5. We are the largest asbestos removal equipment supplier in New Zealand

We are not your competitors in the?North Island.?That means we don’t sell you equipment then use the profits to price against you for removal projects (we have one small removal team in Christchurch).

Not just box sellers

Ian Napier


Me and my buddy

Me and my buddy