Covid-19 Impact on business

Covid-19 Impact on business
24 March 2020 Ian
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Directors comments

I would like to send my thoughts to all our clients for their support during the previous years. The Covid virus has certainly put uncertainty into the industry. I am aware that a number of you are working through the lock down period as you are performing essential services. I hope all of you can fit into that category.

ARE(NZ)Ltd will continue to offer our support and equipment for all those still engaged in work. We will have a different method of trading. For example we will only take orders via the phone or email. Doors will not be open for general calls so we ensure our staff are protected.

Once we receive your order we will process these and have it ready when you show up to uplift your supplies. We will photo the equipment as a means of receipt rather than require a signed form. We have quantities of stock available but may have to limit the amount you want. We are doing this to minimise disruption and ensure we can meet demand. All our clients will be priority customers. We will not supply the public as a rule. We will use a tier system for who gets what. It is important to note that due to world wide demand, the cost of consumable goods and respirators has increased significantly. We will need to pass on these price rises. It was not so long ago that a pair of disposable overalls (2011) cost $13.00 a pair until I came on the scene and changed that. I cannot do that again unfortunately.

Some things we will not be doing includes fit testing. The reason is obvious. We will do maintenance on equipment to ensure you can function as normal.

We will also supply goods to other essential services such as trades deemed essential services.


Thank you again and I hope we come out of this well  in the next four weeks


Ian Napier

Managing Director