At ARE(NZ) we take pride in providing the cutting edge of asbestos removal equipment, so you can trust us to provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Negative Pressure Units

Hire from our range of Beacon Negative Pressure Units, from the B800 to the B5000

Vacuum Cleaners

Hire from our range of H Class and Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, from the KV10/1H to the KV30/1

Decontamination Units

Hire from our range of Modular or Mobile Decontamination Units and Water Management Systems

Air Monitoring

Designed specifically for customers who run at 8 litres/min, but who also need flow rates as low as 2 litres/min.

Beacon Roving Head

Roving Heads

Working with limited space? A Roving Head will help provide negative pressure to those hard to reach places.

NPU Silencers

Need to keep the noise down? Hire a silencer for the B2000 or B5000 NPU

Fog Machine

For fog testing your enclosures, hire one of our fog generators today.

Air Differential Monitor

Take the guess work out of building your enclosures, hire an air differential monitor and get accurate…