Polythene and the Asbestos Industry

Polythene and the Asbestos Industry
3 December 2015 ARENZ
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I have spoken to a number of asbestos removal companies who have been told that using 125 micron polythene is acceptable is double bagged for handling asbestos waste. WRONG.

The new interim guidelines clearly spells out what thickness Polythene should be and that is 200 microns or greater. So accordingly if we double bag our waste as we should we then come up with 400 microns of polythene for managing your waste, not 250 microns. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know how many 125 micron bags you would need to reach the required sum.

Now as far as I know I am responsible for supplying equipment fit for the purpose on which it was designed for. This is clearly spelled out in the current Health and Safety in employment act 1992, The Asbestos Regulations 1998 and the new Health and Safety at work act 2015. So if you are being told this by a supplier that equipment such as NPUs designed for molds or called air scrubbers then these suppliers are breaking the law. Much could probably be said for those claiming 125 micron polythene is suitable for dealing with waste. The Commerce Commission would surely be interested in this.

I have dealings with waste companies who are sick and tired of contractors disposing of waste to their landfills using incorrect packaging or failing to package correctly. This has adverse effects on their staff and the environment. I know this will tighten up shortly if not already done so.

Remember as a PCBU the onus is on you to protect employees and the public. the fines are going to be horrendous as we have seen recently with a couple of contractors who failed in their duties.

Do it once do it right.

Our industry requires a high moral and ethical standard more so that other industries.

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