KV30/1 Wet n Dry Vacuum Cleaner

KV30/1 Wet n Dry Vacuum Cleaner

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KV30/1 Wet n Dry Vacuum Cleaner

$995.00 exc GST

This 30L wet n dry vacuum cleaner can be used with a K4 vacuum bag for dry use, or without the bag for wet use. The float valve will shut off the suction once full.

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Note: There is no such thing as an H class hazardous dust wet vacuum. That is because a wet vacuum does not pick up dust. It picks up slurry or wet hazardous materials. What you may get is a vacuum which is part wet non H class and part dry H class. The fact the materials are wet means they don’t pose a risk of inhalation. However the waste still needs to be disposed of as contaminated. To add a filtration system to the vacuum you would have to add additional costs and size to the unit.

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Weight 20.8 kg
Dimensions 875 × 460 × 500 mm
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