Waste Water Management Systems

Waste Water Management Systems
8 April 2015 ARENZ
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Hi All

This email concerns the maintenance of your waste water management system. Areas that you need to check before sending them in for repairs are the following.

  • The mesh filters in the hose links. There are two of these and they are easy to access and clean.
  • Often the O rings on the filter pods (clear containers which hold micron filters) are missing or lost and as a result air gets into the system.
  • Cuts or nicks in the hoses. sometimes these are not seen very easily.
  • No Kinks in hoses
  • Hoses not blocked including internal hoses between pumps and inlet/outlets
  • Leaks in the suction pipe.
  • These are steps that should be done frequently based on the project size and amount of contamination.

.Blocked verticle mesh filter