Why we don’t test certain H class equipment including some NPUs

Why we don’t test certain H class equipment including some NPUs
24 July 2017 ARENZ
In DOP Testing, NPUs, Vacuum Cleaners

If the manufacturer does not supply DOP tests at source then we are not legally able to approve the equipment. Simply put we would be breaking the law.

Equipment we are happy to test and know has been approved includes

AMS, SMH, Beacon, Numatic. Kerstar and DeConta. H13 (99.97% efficiency) filtration is a first stage filtration system which should be followed up with an H14 filtration system (99.995% efficiency)

A lot of supposed H class vacuums do not qualify because they pass air (contaminated) over the motor. Thus we will not be able to test the device as we could get positive readings or worse send your equipment back knowing that it is not fit for purpose.

I strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of the standard which will confirm the suitability of your equipment. The Health and safety at Work Act 2015 sections 39, 41, 42 and 48 spells out obligations of suppliers, manufacturers, importers and designers of plant, machinery and structures.

Finally in criminal law you need to prove intent to commit a crime.

IAW the HASW act  2015, no intent is needed. This means you cannot use ignorance as a defence against prosecutions.

This is a typical vacuum claimed to be H class but failed on numerous checks

This vacuum is one of a couple of brands which comply with the required standards. It is issued by the manufacturer with a DOP test certificate

These vacuums arrive with DOP test certificates from the manufacturer. We are obliged to get them tested and certified before supplying to the market.