Banning of Products Containing Asbestos

Banning of Products Containing Asbestos
14 January 2015 ARENZ
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Did you know that New Zealand still allows asbestos products to be imported. The only exemptions at this stage are the unprocessed amphiboles and serpentines.
I don’t know if many of you know Deidre Van Gerven, (, but she has been a strong vocal campaigner to get all asbestos products banned from the country. Most of you probably knew but were not sure what products they came in. but suffice to say products are still allowed to come in. Hopefully the new Hazardous Substances and Organisms Act will do this.
The problem I see is there be a continued legacy even into the 2000s where we are still removing asbestos and watching our loved ones suffer and or die a horrible death.
Below is an extract written by Mike Cosman NZISM during a work place advisory group meeting, in which he states the following:

“Also discussed at some length was the need for a ban on the importation of all ACMs. However officials were somewhat equivocal on this and there seems to be a ?pass the parcel? situation where no one Ministry or Agency is able to willing to take the lead. The situation was also confused by a presentation from MfE who have recently commissioned a survey into the amounts and types of ACMs currently imported. They reported this to be very low and only comprise things like gaskets and brake pads. However when questioned on the methodology it appears they only looked for items labelled as containing asbestos- which those in the room knew was missing the point as it rarely is! So it appears an opportunity to gather good data to support the need for a ban has been squandered”.
As can be seen there seems to be a lack of willingness with banning imported asbestos products.

Facts on Deirdre
She has lost three members to asbestos related illnesses with one other with the fatal disease.
She has been campaigning for 17 years after her husband suffered a horrible death due to Asbestos.
Deidre is known throughout the industry for her persistence in getting hazardous dusts removed from our environment and still does even though her health is not good.
This company fully supports the banning of asbestos contained products. In fact it supports the total removal of all asbestos, lead paints and other hazardous materials from our environment.

If you would like further information please visit Deirdre’s web site at