When is an H class vacuum not an H class vacuum

When is an H class vacuum not an H class vacuum
17 September 2014 ARENZ
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There are a number of suppliers out there stating that their vacuum cleaners are fine for dealing with asbestos. Well some of them are wrong. To date I know of only three companies that produce H class vacuums, that is Nilfisk, Numatic and Kerrick. There may be more.

An H class vacuum cleaner is built by the manufacturer from the ground up including the H14 main filter. The machine is certified and is issued a certificate of DOP which accompanies each vacuum. The standards follow the IEC60335.2.69 and AS/NZS60335.2.69. This standard relates to Hazardous dust extractors. ?The standard often refer to L for low hazard dusts, M for medium hazard dusts and H for High hazard dusts such as asbestos and lead in the literature. If you have an M class vacuum and put a H14 filter (99.995% efficiency) then the vacuum is still an M class vacuum. This is because the vacuum is not designed or built to meet the H class standard.

Why not use you home vacuum with an H14 filter and see how you go.

Remember that the current Health and Safety in Employment act ?1992 sections 18 (1) and (2) clearly spells out to suppliers what their obligations are. There are penalties for failing to comply. If you are offered such machines then return them and get a refund. They will have to comply otherwise they are in breach of the law.

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